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Ghost Ships and Longboards

When your hiding in the harbor (or haven) its good to be away from the ghost ships out there.

In the past people where afraid for ghost ships like the “Flying Dutchman”, “El Caleuche”, Mary Celeste” or the “Octavius”

Stella Longboards Kicktail Ghostship longboard

There are several variations of the Flying Dutchman story, and one of the most famous one is that the ship’s pilot, Captain Hendrick Vanderdecken, who lived in the 17th century and served with the Dutch East India Company, encountered a storm off the Cape of Good Hope, Konstam notes. “He swore that he would spite God’s wrath, and take his ship into Table Bay, despite anything that God and the elements could throw against him,” Konstam writes. But the ship hit a rock and sank, taking the entire crew along with it.

As punishment, the captain and his ghostly crew are said to sail the waters for all eternity, hoping one day to be forgiven. “They were hence refused admittance into every port, and are ordained still to traverse the ocean on which they perished, till the period of their penance expires,” reads a story, published in an 1803 book by John Leyden, describing how the crew’s punishment worked

Hello world!

Trying to create a safe haven where you can stop over after a busy ride and you can dock your longboard.